It really isn't that bad if we're being honest.

Just post the article. Or build the app. Or ask him out. Or be honest with what you actually want. Just do it. Just do it. Do it.

Fuck your script. Fuck your fear of failure. Your doubt. The fear of humiliation. The fear of emotional pain. Of physical pain. Fuck the noise in your head. Fuck the scripts that society, your parents, your teachers, and your biology have programmed into you.

Press mute to the endless dread-laden chatter within your own mind. The endless debate and barrage of reasons why you shouldn't. It's wrong. Your scripts are all wrong. And that's ok, even normal, but don't listen to them.

It's natural to have these voices. Every single human that has existed has had internal debates about, "should I", "shouldn't I", "but what if they…". These voices and patterns are necessary. They help us all become functioning members of society. And assimilation isn't intrinsically bad; it has built civilization and life as we know it. But when it doesn't suit your needs, that's when the scripts become counter productive.

Instead of kowtowing to these voices just do what you want to do. What you know you want to do. That quiet and perpetually suppressed voice. That script that never goes away but you never actually cultivate into a roar.

Bring that voice back. That youness. Be you. You need to nurture it, feed it, grow it. Build it into a thundering crescendo until you can't do anything but be compelled to execute your vision and dreams.

This voice, if cultivated, will become stronger than any other pre-programmed script in your mind. Wield it like a weapon to bulldoze over your fears as it grows in strength. It's the truth, and because of this it has far more potential than any of the doubts and fears in your mind. It's your being. Your being which has been squashed and suppressed by you. Sure, you want to blame society but it's your acceptance of external standards that holds you back.

But life is short. Life is too short to be a lemming, following other people's patterns, judgments, fears, doubts, beliefs, and rules. You'll be dead in 100 years guaranteed, so you might as well start living. Living YOUR definition of living, not a magazine's, parent's or boss's definition.

Grow your true inner voice into a dynamo, a whirlwind of raw energy that compels you to feed it more, to be more, to live more.

Fuck your fears. They are petty, and weak, and unoriginal. They are not you.

rm -rf scripts/