“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” — Will Durant

I've been messing up big time. I generally follow a morning routine but I've been in a rut for weeks and haven't been able to get going again.

Today, that changed.

Routine is a powerful thing. It helps you be and do what's needed without quite as much willpower. Set your routine, practice, and eventually, it becomes memory. Results with less effort.

We all routinize life. Routines can be as simple, complex, good, or bad. Something as simple as putting toothpaste on your toothbrush and brushing your teeth is an internalized routine. You don't have to think about it–you just do it. Some routines take hours and follow complex procedures. Regardless of the routine, they have the power to produce results with ease because they don't need (as much) conscious effort.

So. Back to my morning routine. Over the past year and a half I've designed a routine that I really like.

I'm intentional about life and building a routine was no different. Without attention your routines will be default, and you'll live your life on default.

Avoid pain, seek pleasure, don't do much else. And maybe that's fine. But if you want something you need to be intentional about where you're going. And routines are a vehicle to take you there.

Being off my morning routine really feels like I've lost something. Working through waking up early, meditating, journaling, and planning my day gave me a sense of power. A sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. "Whatever else happens today, at least I started out on the right foot!"

We all lose our footing at times. But if you have clarity of what your process is, getting back on track is like slipping on an old outfit. It feels familiar, comfortable almost, and it's tailor made.

That's what I did today.

My morning routine helps me jump start my day and bust tail. It's for weekdays typically, but I restarted on Sunday.

Why? Because restarting on the weekend I lower the difficulty. With the bar lowered it's easier to follow through, and tomorrow I'll feel more prepared to continue the trend.

Whatever the routine, habit, or goal you're setting out to achieve you will inevitably fail at some point. You will struggle to be consistent, to do the right next step, to wake up on time.

But that's ok. Pick up your playbook, dust yourself off and try again.

You got this.